Twin Pack Wearable Handsfree Breast pump 4 modes - 12 levels

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Twin Pack Wearable Handsfress Breast pump 4 modes - 12 levels 

Introducing Our New Wearable Breast Pump, designed to empower mothers with freedom, comfort, and convenience like never before.

FREE - 13,15,17,19,21mm flange inserts and Nipple Measurement Card included in the box 

Whats included in the box?

- 2x Wearable breast pump 

- 2x 180ml Milk Collector Kit

- 2x 24mm or 27mm Shield Flange

- 2x Adjustable bra strap

- USB-C Charging Cable

- Manual

Our wearable pump boasts a sleek and discreet design, allowing you to wear it effortlessly under clothing, whether you're at home, work, or on the go. Say goodbye to cables and bulky accessories - our pump discreetly integrates into your daily routine, providing a seamless breastfeeding experience without sacrificing style or comfort.

Experience the freedom and flexibility of breastfeeding on your terms with our Wearable Breast Pump.

All pumps come with a 24mm or 27mm size sheild flange plus smaller shield flange inserts providing the perfect fit.

- 12 Adjustable Suction Levels

- 4 modes indluding Automatic/Massage/Expression/Stimulate

- Suction level Up to 300 mmHg

- LED Display with minute timer and touch buttons

- Quiet design - Upto 45 decibals on max level

- BPA- Free & Food-grade

- 24mm or 27mm Silicone Shield Flange 

- 180ml / 6oz Capacity Milk Collector

- Usage time of Approx 90-120 minutes depending on the mode and levels used.

- Charging time of approx 120 minutes via USB-C cable provided

- 30 minutes auto shut off

- Built-in 1200mAh large-capacity rechargable lithium battery

12 Months Warranty - Motor

3 Months Warranty - Silicone Parts

Happy pumping mummas :)

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